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Boat To Airship

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I just thought I might document my progress on it here so you people can comment on it. :P

Here is what I do. I try putting negative values in the gravity modifier it might take a few tries to find the right value to achieve a hover. Problem is you cant control your accent or decent. However in your player control object there is a RegulateVerticalPos values that you can set and that value can be controlled by RegulateVerticalPosInput which you can change from PInone to PIThrottle

From what I've tried so far is this alone wont work. My understanding is that the code that this vertical position translation doesn’t exist in the boat object, which makes sense cause why would a boat need vertical movement other than that caused by physics.

So I am assuming in order to give the boat controllable vertical movement I would have to edit the boat object in python and perhaps copy the vertical player control code from say a helicopter to the boat.

Am I on the right track here? I am yet to touch any thing with python.

If I can get this to work I am sure a lot of people would like to use this kind of technique

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Python is surely NOT the way to go. It would put a heavy load on the server to track a few of your objects. I'd rather code in some engines and wings in your vehicle. Perhaps you should use either a heli engine or a force object (don't have experience with those) to control your boat when airborne.

The key to control your boat in the air will be wings. They can be used to both stabilize and control your vehicle.

If you add a wing to the boat's hull and give it a decent winglift, most of your gravity problems will be solved , too.

You can either leave the wings only with wing lift, or add flap lift to them, too. You can affect the flaplift with any of the three axis PI inputs.

Btw, the Titans in BF2142 show anything can fly. You could even attach some wings to the Wasp carrier and fly that around :P I didn't try with the Wasp, but my USS Texas battleship cruised the air the other day , hehe

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Yeah, i heard you talking about them the other day :P

Perhaps you can describe what you can do with them a little more ? Or describe their usage with an object of yours ? I'd really be anxious to know what i can do with them but have no idea on how or when to use them.

Do i have to imagine them like the jumppads in Quake ?

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The force is my ally.. And a strong ally it is! Hehe.. I couldn´t resist since I´m coding for a Star Wars mod. I definetly recommend getting familiar with the force objects, you can do all sorts of cool stuff with them. You can utilize them in a similar manner to the engines with a player input, or use the constant force modifier to have them function on their own. It is also possible to have them function with an absolute direction in the gameworld, independant of the rotation of the object. You can also create counterforce objects, that act only to counter other forces effecting the object. They can also be given an only when occupied setting, so that they activate only when a vehicle is occupied.

Here are some video clips I´ve made for inspiration:

Rock ´n Roll Presh! Rock ´n Roll! :D



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