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Placing Dynamic Ambient Effects


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On your map, right click and select "Create Ambient Trigger"


Then when prompted, give it a name, I will use "frog"


Then right click and select "Create Ambient Effect [frog]"

In square brackets the name you gave the trigger will be displayed.


Then give this a name. I will use the same as my trigger "frog"


Now, the blue circle (the trigger) is where you set off the effect, and the pink circle is where the effect will start.

Select the blue circle (the trigger)

In the tweak bar on the left, there are some settings to change.



this is the radius around the trigger, when you do something in the radius it will set off the effect.

Trigger Type:

How do you want the effect to be set off? You can choose more than one way.

Time - The trigger will be set off, every so many seconds (the seconds are defined later).

Fire - The trigger will be set off when you fire a weapon

Move - The trigger will be set off when you move

Explosion - The trigger will be set off when an explosion occurs in the radius

Trigger ID:

Leave alone, the editor assigns a unique number to each one


What will the chance be, of the effect playing when you enter the radius.

0 = no chance

1 = everytime

Tip: Use any variable between 0 and 1, ie 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3 etc etc


Leave as 0 unless you have selected time as a trigger type. If you have, this is the time you set for that. So if I chose time as the trigger type and set this setting to 60, the effect would play every 60 seconds, regardless of weather someone is in the radius.


Once set off, what is the minimum amount of time, before the trigger radius becomes active again.

Now, select the pink circle (the effect)

Theres only one thing you really need to change here, and that is the "linkedeffectcontainer"

Click this and change it to the effect you want to play. I have chosen e_damb_frogjump


(However, should you be placing an effect in the air, and want the effect to play in the air, you will need to un-check the box "ProjectOnHeightmap".

Otherwise, no matter how high you place your effect in the air, it will play on the ground.)

Click save, pack your map and you're done!

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Note that this tutorial is for dynamic ambient effects, like rising birds or the mosquitos. Static effects like waterfalls or smoke are simply placed on the map like other statics.

Your ( josh_sg1's ) effect is not working due to the problems we discussed in your thread.

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