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Bf2142 Map Loadscreen Backgrounds


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This issue has come up before from people who have made custom bf2142 levels, so after some research, I found out how to add custom loadscreen backgrounds for 2142 levels without effecting anything else in the mod. Normally the briefing.png files (the loadscreen background) are stored in the mods/bf2142/Menu_Client.zip\External\FlashMenu\images\eor\#LevelNameHere#\briefing.png.

The blue is the file structure inside the zip btw.

Well, to add your screen without changing anything in the mod, create a Menu_Client.zip with your png in the right spot inside the zip. Put this file in the levels folder.


I'm using Bloodgulch as an example here, a sweet map made by JONES.

Copy the ClientArchives.con for the mod to somewhere like the desktop.

Add this line to the very top (important!): fileManager.mountArchive Levels/Bloodgulch/Menu_Client.zip Menu

Add the modified ClientArchives.con to the server.zip for the level you're editing.

Open up the init.con while you're inside the server.zip. Add the circled lines in the pic below to the init.con and save it.


Done. Now when you load the level ingame, even in vanilla bf2142, you will have your loadscreen/briefing backdrop.


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Dunno, I think it was kind of a dummb way to do it, just makes it harder on the modders and custom map makers. Well, I think there's a work-around for everything. Now if I could just figure out the map description box...

the map desription box text is located in .../Battlefiled 2142/mods/bf2142/localization/string.csv.

To edit it, just use open office writer (it's a bit of a mess in this file, if someone knows a better csv editor for bf2142, let us know :) )

Sorry for posting so much but, how do you get this to work for dedicated servers?

you need to go to .../Electronic Arts/Battlefield2142/ , you edit the "generate_md5.py" file to make it point to your mod (just change mod_name = 'bf2142' to mod_name = 'Your_mod')

install the python software (http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.5/python-2.5.msi)

double clik on "generate_md5.py", and wait for the process to finish...

and you're done ;)

the generate_md5 script checks every client.zip of your maps, aswell as it checks the ClientArchive.con and the ServerArchive.con (and every folders which are called by these files).

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:( Pics from first post have gone...

I am modding an original 2142 map and would like to have the load background pic come up. Not sure what else i have to change but any help would be good. I renamed the map so i didnt end up messing the vanilla version.

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