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Bots Wont Use Boats

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got a problem with my bots...

well, i have build a few singleplayer maps...

now i mapped a new one ... its an harbor map with 2 sides... between them are a big river...

2 the prob: i have a few boats in the map and the bots wont use them.. if i let the bots spawn directly to the boats, the bots are in the boat but they wont drive them...

if i went in one of the boats and try 2 ride with the soldiers 2 the other harbor side the map crashes 2 windows...!!?

have anyone an idea how i can fix this prob??

thx a lot!!

hollar @ u all !!!

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Our friends at BFSP have a thread dedicated to bots and boats , initially created by Necronom. Check it out here:


You need to give them a reason to use the boats. Bots are reluctant to drive them when there's no destination or a simpler way (lower cost) to reach the next StrategicArea. LandingZones are deprecated , but perhaps add a StrategicArea on the beach where they are destined to land and give that a high temperature. (Provided your boats have full working bot support)

Keep in mind there's a problem when bots try to target planes with boat weapons (Probably causing your CTD) . You need to apply a small fix to the AIBehaviours.

Korben Dallas collected this error and a few others in this thread over at BFSP :


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well, thx for the answer!

i tryed all of this, but it still dosent works...

the bots in the boats switch off the boats and start swimming 2 the other side....

how dice do this in the clean_sweep map?? i take the clean_sweep map ai for this map...

can it be that the reason is my bf2 game? i dont patch it (updates... bf2 patch 1.4...) because i mod any stuff do new textures for my soldiers,vehicles...) maybe would it work if i patch my game to 1.2 or 1.4???

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Hi . I have the same problem . I know this is an old post but id rather post here than start another thread

Been trying to get bots to cross islands using boats like operation cleansweep

as i am testing the map is super basic : absolutely flat ground at 0 hieght + 3 small platfomed + flat islands at 25 height

with water up to 24 height , a bare minimum of trees in the corner + 1 building per island ( keeps navmesh time down )

each island has a flag + sum spawns : 1 uncapable per team (4 boats each + 2 apc's ) with a neutral capable flag on the middle island ( 8 boats + 2 apc's )

and of course a valid combat area

and deep water in between all three islands (24 deep)

BASICALLY it looks like this : ISLAND 1<--------------> ISLAND 2 <---------------> ISLAND 3

BASICALLY it looks like this : Team1 Uncappable <--> Neutral Cappable <--> Team2 Uncappable

My bots will use any vehicles except the damnable rib-boats ( i have put tanks ,jets , heli's , jeeps - bots use them all)

I have tried everything :

01 ) made sure my boats where close enuf to land and actually on areas that have both the vehicle and soldier navmesh (i figured if the bots couldnt actually walk to the boat what chance is there they'd get on it)

02 ) I unpacked Operation clean sweep and had a look at that - it looked like there was a waypoint on the pier

so i tried putting a pier with infantry waypoints with boats (made no difference...)

03 ) made sure the vehicle + soldier order positions were not on the pole

04 ) gave the center flag a "heat" of 100 - uncappable flags nrml "50" heat (made no difference...)

05 ) made sure the green cube on the boat model was touching both the navmeshes (made no difference...)

06 ) teamonvehicle on/off (made no difference...)

07 ) tried creating "shallow water" areas where the boats could drive and bots could still walk (made no difference...)

08 ) put spawns right next to the boats (made no difference...)

It just seems that no matter what i try - the bots wont even acknowledge the boats existence...

they get stuck on it just like as if its an object that was placed after the navmesh was done (they get stuck on it as they try to run through it...cause to them it doesnt exist...)

I climb into the boat and call them to get in (no way man - comes the response - like its impossible....)

Even creating a squad and calling them to get in doesnt work....

everthing else works - bots take flags + defend them well enuf and attack the uncappable flags even

bots drive anything else ive dumped into the level ,even if it wont cross the water

but they avoid the damned boats like the plague...they'd rather swim it across the frikking channel

Once during a test a bot (got into / spawned into ) a boat - i didnt see which , but then he just sat there...useless

so i went back and compared that boat to all the others at that flag ,it had the same tweak settings and was sitting in the same basic position in relation to the navmeshes as the other boats .......... just using apc's instead of boats wont help as i feel 2 much armour makes maps restricted (in the sense that it sorta forces u to play engineer/rocketeer/spec forces-kit with armour killing capability) even then : having to deal with 2 apc's is bad enuf , but try taking on 6!!!

I have rambled on again (as usual...) but i hope i have given a decent breakdown of the problem as well as the tests i have done trying to correct this.

:angry::angry::( Please Help????? :(:(:(

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but then he just sat there...useless

did you include the water clusters when you were calculating the quadtrees for your navmesh? check and make sure this line here:

aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost LandingCraft

...is in the vehicle section of your map's ai.ai - what DM has mentioned above will help you get the bots into the boats, but without water clusters being included, they will just sit there doing nothing as they have no way to define a path over the water.

close enuf to land and actually on areas that have both the vehicle and soldier navmesh (i figured if the bots couldnt actually walk to the boat what chance is there they'd get on it

this should be a moot point. never anywhere on your map should the vehicle mesh go where the soldier mesh does not. if they ever encounter this error they will just sit there rocking back and forth over the boundary of the soldier mesh

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thanx 4 the quick response

i dont think i did either of those things devilman + clivewill

will try it when i wake up this afternoon

its now 8.30 am + im spent

thanx again

Regards Psi

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ok - so i copied the ai folder from Op Cleen Sweep into my map folder

set the spawns at the boats to "aienteronspawn"

now the bots r spawning into the boats , then jumping out and swimming instead. 1 STEP CLOSER...

???????How do i Include the water clusters when Calculating the navmesh ?????????



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