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Replica Naval Base - Nas North Island At Coronado, California


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I am working on replicating the Coronado, CA Naval Base on North Island.

Here is what the finished product will look like. In the photo there is a white square, which I put there to show you where on the island the screen shots I took are located. The largest building in the first SS is the large red-roofed building you see in the white square on the Google map. When complete will include several custom buildings and a lot of cool features.

Game play will include an enemy cell having made their way through the borders into the Coronado Harbor via a disguised Cargo Ship which will be in the North Western most harbor area.. and will be it's own island. The cell uses boats to make their way to the North Island base and begins to attack it. The US must respond swiftly and with extreme prejudice in order to defeat and eliminate the attackers. If they can hold the island, then they will proceed to investigate the source of this attack and seize the enemy cargo ship.

The map is fairly close to real life scale, and I am trying my best to keep it as accurate as possible. It's my first map. I have a lot of work ahead, but I thought I would get it started.

Google Image:


Screen Shots:

010qq.th.jpg 028lm.th.jpg 038jj.th.jpg 047ye.th.jpg 051jv.th.jpg 074et.th.jpg 085ut.th.jpg 098am.th.jpg 108bh.th.jpg 174jw.th.jpg 126qm.th.jpg 132qy.th.jpg 148rx.th.jpg 159kr.th.jpg 168dq.th.jpg


First, we have a few from the north eastern corner of the map. Looking on to the Submarine Maintenance Station and Heavy Naval Docks.


A closer look from the outside of the Submarine Station and it's dry docks.


A view from under the sub on the working floor of the raised dry dock. There will be many tools and industrial things along the floor of this dry dock, including a fun fork lift. Most likely will be a CP area.


View from on top of the submarine lift.


View from the main level, center dock walkway of the Submarine Station.


Another view from the outside. You can see only the center dock is raised and repairing. The others are lowered and have two Submarines docked, but not mounted for repairs.


Looking back from the long north eastern docks at the Submarine Station on the way to the Heavy Naval Docks.


The main entrance to the Carrier's Main Hangar is seen here. The interior will be filled with jets and helicopters being stored, or repaired. There is also a mess hall, engine room, crew quarters, and multi-level bridge interiors.


The north eastern most corner of the Heavy Docks. One of the loading cranes and supply cargo loading points.


The western most end of the Heavy Docks. Another supply and loading station.


In the North Western corner of the map there is the southern tip of San Diego. This is the harbor that the secret enemy cargo ship ported at. Right now I'm thinking it'll be the Chinese. The ship will be loaded with cargo, and a few hidden vehicles.


I have arranged 3 open warehouse buildings in to one building that offers many more interior areas to fight and explore. The building will be used primarily as a supply and weapons storage facility. This image is looking in the first room on the west end of the building.


A room on the inside of the warehouse, towards the middle. The door above leads to this middle of the building that is a secondary storage room.


A look from the door mentioned above down into the secondary storage room which will be filled with stacks of large supply crates; creating a tall maze of crates. This will more than likely be a CP area, providing grounds for CQB.


A look from the ceiling of the main hallway on the eastern side of the building. One door leads into the main storage room.


Looking into the building from outside the eastern end. You can see the main hallway on the left, and the main storage room's door on the right.


Fixed the cargo ship and started to add the freight. It's a maze.


Cut out view of the Carrier's Bridge Decks. Pink dot in the back is a trigger-area which will control the Carrier's main cargo lift elevator between the hangar bay door and the main deck.


Cut out view of the Carrier's Hangar Decks and Mess Hall.


Carrier's Engine Room

213ic.th.jpg 224ox.th.jpg 233zf.th.jpg

Carrier's Mess Hall

241lv.th.jpg 259zr.th.jpg 261cv.th.jpg

Carrier's Hangar Decks. A few Parked F-18s in place awaiting further detailed decoration of the hangar.

276yd.th.jpg 280he.th.jpg

Carrier's main deck with lines of Parked F-18s. Also waiting further detailed decoration.


Submarine Armament Room, awaiting further decoration. Will be part of a 3 flag CP group in the Submarine Station. Will have more of an armory feel and will have fences enclosing it, guard house, etc.


View of the submarine boarding ramps from above.


Third crane stairway access from the submarine dock's main level.


Rear boarding ramp view from above. Notice some of the dock details below.


Ladders to the dock floor and dry dock stationing rig for the sub.


Outside view of the dry docked sub and it's dock rigging.

355xp.th.jpg 361rt.th.jpg

Outside from high above, you can see some of the building layouts coming together.


One of the larger buildings in the map, I carefully put together 2 sub pen buildings and turned them into a huge warehouse or assembly building or something of the fashion. Haven't decided what exactly to put on the inside yet or what it should be. It's 3 long sections and you are only looking down the section on the left.

387ob.th.jpg 390ui.th.jpg

I also included a secret underground bunker that you'll have to discover, but wanted to show here because of it's unique lighting effects. Since it's underground, the only thing lighting it are the lights from above. Not telling what will be in here :twisted:

Working on the airfield layout.

Google Image:


Progress 1.


Progress 2.


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