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Smoke Grenade


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I've tried this before, and I've asked it before, but I can't get it to work.

I've looked at the code for the squad leader smoke beacons, but that's not helping.

I want to get the smoke effect to play (loop) while holding the smoke grenade... can anybody help? thanks!

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Well, you can...

and anybody know if there is a way?? I've seen a constant fire effect, but can't remember where.

Not sure what you mean - like the ambient smoke and fire effects you get in buildings (which loop continuously)?

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Try to just addTemplate the effect to the weapon. It'll need code to tell it to play automatically and then you obviously will need it to loop. You might run into a big problem though when switching to another weapon.

Let me see what i can get it to do later tonight. I made a flamethrower and I could of sworn I did a pilot light, but it's been longer than a year and I forgot if I got it working. If I didn't, I'll try it and then tell you what to do...or that it's not possible.

The key to this is that you only have to switch to the weapon, not fire the weapon, right? Small chance you have to template another mesh which calls the effect because templating to a weapon very well may tie it right into the fire button automatically.

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