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Game Crashes When Attempting To Load Map

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The map wont load! It just crashes with the error:


Debug assertion failed!

Version: 1.1.2965-797.0 Build date:2006-9-26 17:53

Module: Gamelogic

FIle: D:\Aphrodite\BF2_1.4\Code\BF2\Game\GameLogic.cpp

Line: 1240

Text: Unable to find GamePlayObjects.con

Current confile:


This happens when i try to load singleplayer. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Err... did you make a single player map or are you just trying to test out a regular conquest map you made by yourself? The file youre missing would be located in the map's GameModes folder. For example, if you made a 32-man conquest map, it'd be in /GameModes/gpm_cq/32/GamePlayObjects.con. If its a single player map, it'd be in /GameModes/sp1/32/GamePlayObjects.con.

Im guessing you didnt intend to make a single player map which is why you dont have that con file made in the sp1 folder. Instead of going into Singleplayer, go to your Multiplayer tab and click on Create Local. Add your map to the list at the bottom (center) and Join. Then it should boot up okay. If you want to test out your flag radii and whatnot, open the console (~) and enter the following command to play it by yourself:

sv.numPlayersNeededtoStart 1

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i guess i wasnt really clear. But i did make it singleplayer supported. Im testing if i could get bots on my map. How ever the map wont load...

EDIT: ok so i pasted gameplayobjects.con into sp folders. Now it goes to loading screen but crashes at 15%.

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Very few info :( Do you map for a mod ? If so, please check your /bf2editor/mods/<myMod>/LayerInit.con for the existence of the SP layers. If the LayerInit.con file doesn't exist for your mod, no gamemode is written out. Copy the LayerInit.con from the BF2 folder to get a valid file.

The game will give you an error message when you run it in windowed mode (this hasn't been discussed above a hundred times in this forum :P )

Make sure your map runs 100% bug-free in Conquest mode before attempting to add SinglePlayer. Crashes at 15% could also mean you have defective overgrowth, an invalid object or more than one island in the navmesh.

To find the real cause, run in windowed mode. If you still get no useful error dialog, you possibly have to launch the BF2 debugger instead of the retail EXE.

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Run your map in windowed mode and let us know what error message appears. To do that, change your bf2 shortcut target (rightclick -> Properties tab) to include this:

"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0

Change this path if thats not where your BF2 is installed. Dont put the command line arguments inside the quotes. Change back to +fullscreen 1 to run in fullscreen again or make a 2nd shortcut, one for each type.

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Sorry to bump this, but I have the exact same problem: I ran a map which previously didn't crash on gpm_coop 64, I have the GPO and AI file in server.zip and the line in .desc file, but the map first crashed at 15% with no error message (in windowed ofc) and now crashes at 0% with the "Unable to find GamePlayObjects.con" error displayed, even though it's bloody there. Any ideas?

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Note that the vanilla LayerInit.con doesn't provide writing of gpm_coop folders. You have to edit it to let the Editor write the gameplayobjects for COOP:

LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_cq Conquest
rem LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_sl SupplyLine
LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_coop Coop
LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp1 SP1
LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp2 SP2
LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp3 SP3

LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 16
LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 32
LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 64

Its also a bit confusing which folder BF2 uses for singleplayer games:

Size 16 : /gamemodes/SP1/16/

Size 32 : /gamemodes/SP2/32/

Size 64 : /gamemodes/SP3/64/

If your map has only one size for SP/COOP choose the Size 16 layer and create your SP/COOP gameplay for that size. This at least avoids problems with BF2CC which has trouble selecting maps with e.g. a 32 size only. It seems that hey only tested with vanilla BF2 where all COOP/SP maps come in Size 16 only.

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