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I followed every step i know to make a BF2142 map. I've got the point of starting the game..........that's where the problem beggin. The in game map where you choose where to spawn is grey and it's written default in_game map at the top and the bottom....so i can't choose a spawn point anywhere...please someone help me with this!!!

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What ?

when you have showed the minimap in the editor, you have a minimap.dds in your map/editor folder, copy it to

your map/hud/minimap and rename it to ingameMap.dds

Oh yeh, the size is different then in bf2, it needs to be 2048x2048 if i'm not mistaking.

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I think PPlunder means importing your 2048x2048 minimap into pshop... and resizing down to 512x512...

2048x2048 is 16mb... lol... 512x512 or 1024x1024 are a lot smaller... I guess you could lower the quality on the 2048x2048 to save file size... 2048 looks better and zooms better as u know.,..

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