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Base Mod For Custom Maps & Mods...


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i thought that this may help few people...

so, where to start...

the first thing you normally do when you want to try your custom maps/mods, is copy and rename the .../mods/BF2142 folder to .../mods/my_mod_name...

it's easy, but you end up with a mod that weight around 1,2Go (even after removing the orignal maps), which is a bit "over the top" for a mini mod or a custom map...

so i've made this for own purpose at first, but then decided to share it with you...

a base mod... ;)

it weights about 1.5 Mo and it's ready to receive your custom maps...

1/ just name your mod, put your custom map in the "levels" folder (there is already a "map" in this folder, it's a dummy Minsk map, which is here to avoid your client to crash in certain situations).

2/ edit the "mod.desc" file and put the right informations about your mod here (name, website...)

3/ copy your original BF2142 shortcut on your desktop, rename it the way you want and edit the properies to add the following on the target line :

+modPath mods/your_mod_name_here

and if you havent change anything in the kits, vehicules, buildings files... (located in the Object folder), just double clik your freshly made shortcut, and enjoy ;)


4/ if you've change something in the .../My_Mod/Object/ folder, you'll have to edit the "ClientArchives.con" or the "ServerArchives.con" file (depending what you've edited) to make it point to your mods Object folder

one last thing, while you mod on your very own machine, there is nothing to worry about, but if you want to release your maps/mods (or even try it with a friend joining you ingame...), you'll have to make sure everything it's nice and tidy in your folders, then you go to .../Electronic Arts/Battlefield2142/ , you edit the "generate_md5.py" file to make it point to your mod (just change mod_name = 'bf2142' to mod_name = 'Your_mod')

install the python software (Here)

you double clik on "generate_md5.py", and wait for the process to finish...

then, you are ready to go ;):)


Here are the mod base files (1.5 Mo)

for bf2142 Vanilla

for bf2142 Northern Strike

(feel free to mirror the files)


share them, use them, change them, there is no copyright (at least from my side ;) ) on these files...

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