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  2. Update 1.4.0 is out now! https://www.nexusmods.com/battlefieldbadcompany2/mods/4 [UPDATE] BFBC2 Mod Loader Changelog Version 1.4.0 -Added server browser (download and install all required maps for a server with a few clicks) -Added map browser (download and install single maps with a few clicks, works for client and server) -Added settings tab (includes only a button to check for updates manually yet) -Added full map support (all types of maps should be fully supported now) -Added 'Mixed' mode support for all custom maps (Conquest and Rush maps in one list) -Added automatic update function for server and map browser list -Added mod info window (replaced placeholder with a fancier version) -Added latest news window (WIP) -Added 'Start Game' button -Added Procon config files under 'Miscellaneous Files' (for server owners) -Improved several QOL things again (UI, tooltips, more detailed event log etc.) -Restructured UI a bit to better fit the new tab control system -Removed 'Close' button (it was just a placeholder) -Uploaded screenshots to Nexus Mods Info: A test server called "Diesel vs Heico" is up. As a start five custom maps are installed on this server (one with planes/jets). Make sure to check it out. To install the required maps open BFBC2 Mod Loader, navigate to the "Server Browser", click on the server and then click "Install Mods". Be patient, the download and installation may take a while. How long it needs depends on your internet speed and the processing power of your computer (estimated average time is ~15 minutes). The tool could get in the "Not Responding" state. No worry, the tool is still working. Do NOT click hysterical around! A message box will appear when everything is done. Enjoy! You can find the server on the Nexus/Project Rome backend: https://forums.veniceunleashed.net/bf/ Follow these instructions to access the Nexus backend. I may also start a server on the official EA backend in the future, but for now you will find a server by Diesel and me with custom maps on Nexus Emulator/Project Rome only. Maps with bot support will follow soon!
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  4. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

    Taking my airplane going through a Taco Bell Drive through... I also got the "Taking your airplane through a tunnel" achievement unlock... twice. Indiana Jones through Tunnel
  5. Is there anything I can do to remove the white glow on player/vehicles? It doesnt seem to be in the sky settings or lightwarp.
  6. Hello all, I don't know if anyone even bothers with Hardline anymore but could I get some assistance with figuring this out? I am looking to extract/dump the audio files from Hardline. I am aware of the one python script that can be used for bf3 and bf4 but I could not get them to work with hardline. Could someone help me figure out how to do this? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Cheif22
  7. Found it hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 512.000000 500.000000 I had to change the 2048.000000 to a 512.000000
  8. Hello. This may have to do with the fact my mapsize is 256, because I've not had this issue before. but the Groundhemi.dds' shadow map doesn't line up with the shadows ingame. Not a little bit either, because I can't even tell if its shifted to the left or right or whatever because the shadows casted onto the player/vehicles are completely random patterns. here is my sky.con Lightmanager.init Lightmanager.skycolor 0.517647/0.54902/0.690196 Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.945098/0.690196/0.411765 Lightmanager.sunColor 1.88235/1.24706/0.682353 Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.913726/0.905882/0.854902 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0.8 else terrain.sunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 terrain.GIColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 terrain.waterSunIntensity 0.8 endIf Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.60/0.30/0.09 Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.91/0.89/0.85 Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.18/0.18/0.24 Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.30/0.30/0.30 Lightmanager.sunDirection 0.819795/-0.409898/0.3999 Lightmanager.enableSun 1 Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.97/0.75/0.45 Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.49/0.49/0.49 Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1 Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 1 hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 2048.000000 500.000000 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.84/0.31/0.49 Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.81/0.18/0.45 Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeShadowColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColorLow 0.80/0.34/0.48 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor else run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydomeMayhem.con run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con endIf Skydome.skyTemplate skydomeMayhem Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer Skydome.hasCloudLayer 0 Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 0 Skydome.scrolldirection 0.003/0.003 Skydome.scrolldirection2 -1/-1 Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\Cloud03 Skydome.cloudTexture2 Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\MayhemSky Skydome.domeRotation -103 Skydome.domePosition 0.00/0.00/0.00 Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 1000/1100 Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.1/0.5 Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\noflare Skydome.flareDirection 0.82/-0.41/0.40 Renderer.fogColor 73.00/73.00/90.00 Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 200.00/380.00/0.90/0.10 groundhemi.dds
  9. I'm not sure if it belongs here or if I'm allowed to share it here. If not, please feel free to remove this topic. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm creating mods for BFBC2. You can find them on Nexus Mods! For more mods visit Venice Unleashed (I'm posting my mods there too). Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/battlefieldbadcompany2/mods/ Venice Unleashed: https://forums.veniceunleashed.net/viewforum.php?f=33 I have also created a small tool called BFBC2 Mod Loader that makes installing mods easier. The tool also reduces conflicts between mods drastically because mods can be installed modularly with it. So as long as both mods don't modify exactly the same file, they are fully compatible. BFBC2 Mod Loader: https://www.nexusmods.com/battlefieldbadcompany2/mods/4 And last: a playlist on Youtube that shows some of my mods in comparison to the vanilla game. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS97ZrWc_w0&list=PLIdKuovpa-DhsEKD7BCS7xhacnMMhgOgR Let us bring the modding community back to life again, so don't forget to support your favorite modders by reporting bugs, giving feedback, making suggestions etc.! Especially Napisal deserves a lot of support for all the work he did in the past for the BFBC2 modding community! Without him & badbaubau I wouldn't even know about BFBC2 modding. Napisal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcx-pztQ3rGfO3pbcd52OQ badbaubau: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-_U2JYXrngCxfkJFALIFg (Unfortunately, badbaubau is not active in the modding community anymore.) Have a nice day/night, see you on the Battlefield! PS.: If you have any bugs or other issues while using my mods, please report your problem in the "Bugs" section of the specific mod on Nexus Mods. PS2.: If you want to discuss about mods and BFBC2 in general or want to find people to play with, join Unity Gamers Discord: https://unity-gamers.com/community/ewr-discord/
  10. cobrachoppergirl

    EA releasing the BF1.0 / BFVietnam / BF2 / BF2142 source code

    I know right! Let's make it happen! Even though I've completely forgotten the game and moved on... By now BF2 is probably about as old as Doom or Wolfenstein or maybe even more was when ID released the source code... It would be a boon to EA, and we'd have to couch it that way... creating new potential players and customers for their later BF releases... should such new players decided to graduate and move on/up to a richer game environment. Me, I like the austerity of BF2142/BF2.... the interface just feels right. I never did take to any of the later Frostbite games. I pushed Server Side Modding only to the absolute limit and made the free demos rock and then ported it all over to the full games. Such a shame 5 years of coding work gone to waste. All polished nad sleeping dormant in a desk drawer on one USB stick,...
  11. dammit, when reading your title i thought it meant EA had already planned to release it - not 'will they ever release it'
  12. I wonder if there is any chance of this ever happening if someone from whatever is left of the community made some dogged inquiries. We could write out the Gamespy dependencies and fix a whole heck of a lot of bugs... I wonder who we should talk to first at EA to make this happen? Oddly, I actually went to class in high school with someone, who ended up working at EA sports at their Atlanta office in marketing.... whether they still have a job there or not, I'd have to look on Linkedin... CHOPPERGIRL @ AIR-WAR.ORG
  13. PinkSpectra

    Weapon animation tutorial for 3ds max

    hello there is a problem with the download link does not go ... Could the files be resubmitted ??
  14. Instead of lighting the terrain according to the sunterrain/skyterraincolor in sky.con, it shows the greyish/cloudy looking coloring that the Colormaps show. Ive been struggling with this finding out whats up and I noticed its something to do with the terraindata.raw but cant actually find out whats wrong. its not to do with the lightmaps either, because when i manually increase brightness/shadows it shows no difference.
  15. Dnamro

    Kit Skinnedmesh Editing

    Thanks for the tutorials. I will work on uploading the picture tutorial to the BF modding Wikia: https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/Classic_Battlefield_Modding_Wikia
  16. Dnamro

    Kit Skinnedmesh Editing

    Thanks for the tutorials. I will work on uploading the picture tutorial to the BF modding Wikia: https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/Classic_Battlefield_Modding_Wikia
  17. Dnamro

    How To Export Collisionmesh

    For future reference, I have created/collected/updated tutorials for collision mesh Hierarchy and setup. My main focus was AImesh set up and exporting, but since the Aimesh is the collision3 and the collision meshes have to be set up and exported together, with the collsion3/Aimesh only need to navmeshing, these tutorials are useful for all collision meshes: https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/How_to_set_up_3dsmax_collision_mesh_schematic https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/AIMesh_Hierarchy_Editing https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/AImesh_Export_3dsmax https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/How_to_create_Collision_Meshes
  18. Dnamro

    3ds Max BF2 Plugins and Windows 10

    That may be a work around for new installs, but Autodesk products are notoriously problematic for trying to reinstall to a different folder. I will try that out the next time I have a clean system . I found where the global variable is being set that has the location to the tools folder. The variable is: g_bf2ToolsLoc It is set in the plugin folder in bf2_mat_staticmesh2.ms: if not g_BFisGmax then g_bf2ToolsLoc = (getDir #scripts) + "\\bf2\\" What I am thinking is that g_bf2ToolsLoc could be searched for \Program Files\ and if it exists change it to \Program Files (x86)\ A batch file could be kicked off to copy the tools over to the \Program files (x86) if they don't already exist. That, I can handle. I have scripted in other languages, I just don't know enough about max script. The 3ds Max help does not have many examples, so it's not exactly easy to follow. Its also hard finding examples online.
  19. Terminal-Access

    3ds Max BF2 Plugins and Windows 10

    Best way to get around Windows 10 protected directories is to install Max to another non-protected directory, the best idea is somewhere in your user's folder or a separate drive (if you have one available - again outside of any directories that are normally protected).
  20. There has long been an issue with getting BF2 plugins to fully work with 64 bit versions of 3ds Max. There are also issues with getting them to work with newer Operating Systems such as windows 7 & 10. Autodesk, the parent company of 3ds Max does not support any 32 bit versions on Windows 10 and 32 bit versions have graphic artifact issues with Windows 7 and newer Operating systems (7, 8, 10), even when run in compatibility mode for Win XP and using alternate graphic options. Project Reality forums have a running thread with updated 3ds Max Plugins which will only partially work on newer versions of 3ds Max. The big problem is that export will not work properly. The export functionality uses two helper programs: sceneparse.exe and BF2Materials.exe. What I have figured out is that the export process stops when it tries to run sceneparse.exe and BF2Materials.exe. The 3ds Max plugin script exports the model into .dat and .mtl files. Sceneparse and BF2materials then help to convert these into the BF2 model files used by the game. These tools are located in the scripts folder of 3ds Max. For the 64 bit version, this is installed under \Program Files which is for 64 bit apps. That is the main problem, since these helper tools are 32 bit tools and need to run from a 32 bit safe folder, such as under \program files (x86) folder. The tools will run manually in the \program files ( X86) folder but not under the 64 bit location. There are probably other 32 bit helper tools with the same issue used with the 3ds Max plugin script. The solution is to make sure there is a copy in \Program files (x86) and change to the script to run them from there. I just don't know 3ds Max script well enough to make those changes yet. Also when sceneparse.exe is run manually from a command line, it provides a tremendous amount of information on the object that is exporting.
  21. Tosyk

    Bf4 Sbtoc Dumper

    Hello, is there posibility to contact Frank? his LZ77.dll is greate but only for 32bit — doesn't work for files bigger than 4Gb. I wanted to ask him for a source code of this dll or compiled version under 64bit.
  22. mccae

    [tool] Bf2 Material Tool

    Due to some requests, the tool has now been repackaged in order to "work" with Windows 10 (tested with Java 8). Please note: This software is UNSUPPORTED and only works PARTIALLY. There's no guarantee the tool will work in the future USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Keep in Mind, this software is now ten years old and was meant to run on Windows 2000 and XP (as Rexmans original CLI tool was too). The original .exe wrapper has been removed due to compatibility problems (especially with newer Java versions > 1.9). You will need to extract the software to a user writable directory (for example: C:\Users\YourUser\something) - due to the introduction of UAC in Windows Vista You will need to run the tool with administrator privileges if you want to access files within your Program Files directory - also because of UAC and sandboxing Drag n' Drop will not work when running with administrator privileges (batch processing unfortunately relies on this feature, so consider it broken with admin privs), due to Windows limitations The FileTree plugin is broken due to the introduction of symlinks and other file system features in Windows Vista and newer. 17 year old me used to print all the assets and glue their materials to the wall for a better overview. Sounds stupid, I know - but this was primarily a tool for myself :) Kind regards, mccae
  23. transeror_v2

    Bf3/bf4 And Moh_Wf Batch Texture Converters*

    dainiuxxx i can t downoad itexture convertert bf3 link 404 dead can you reupload please
  24. Terminal-Access

    Bf2Tech Wiki

    Wiki is back up! Updated first post with new URL details.
  25. Terminal-Access

    BF Technical Information Wiki

    2019 Update: The BF Technical Wiki is back up and running again slight change to the URL Wiki backup is back online. Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages. Updated URL: https://bftech.ubegaming.co.uk/Main_Page
  26. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

  27. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

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